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1986 5 pc. Pearl Recording Custom drum kit (8- ply birch)

1974 "Classic" Marine Pearl White Slingerland "Buddy Rich" 4 pc. drum kit

1961 Ludwig 8 1/2"x15" snare

1967 Ludwig Copper Timbales

Or choose from from one of our other 4 drum kits, sets include: PDP, Tama & Yamaha


Choice of snare drums include: '87 Ludwig Acrolite, '85 Pearl Brass & Maple free-floating, Gretsch Taylor Hawkins model, PDP Oak, PDP Piccolo, Pearl Casey Cooper Igniter, 2 Ocean County Snares, among others.

Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-660 drum machine



2006 Fender Stratocaster (modified bridge pick-up)

2018 Fender Telecaster (Classic Vibe 50's style)

2009 PRS SE Tramonti model

2012 Epiphone Sunburst Les Paul Custom (modified Gibson pick-ups)

2018 Faded Brown Les Paul copy (Duncan Design pick-ups)

1968 Audivox dbl. cutaway/semi hollow body

Diamond Barchetta STE-FR

Carlo Robelli D250-AS

Takamine FP400SC 12 String Acoustic

Fender CD-140 SCE Acoustic

Arita 6 String Acoustic (Nashville Tuning)

Michelli D120 Acoustic

Rogue RA-990 Acoustic (nylon stringed)

Harmony Monterey Mandolin (1960's)

Lanikai Sailor Jerry Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Avid Eleven Rack Effects

Roland GP-16 Digital Guitar Effects Rack

Dunlop Rotovibe JD-4S

Cry Baby GCB-95 Wah

Moog Etherwave Theremin



2008 Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Fender Precision P Bass

Yamaha RBX 170 Bass

Fender 5 string J bass

Ibanez AEB-10E Acoustic Bass

Carlo Robelli Fretless


1974 WW Kimball Co. Baby Grand Piano

Roland Juno DS

Nord Electro 3 (73 Key, hammer action)

Roland GAIA SH-01 Analog Synth

Akai MPK 88 Keyboard Controller

Yamaha DGX-640 Keyboard (88 key, 175 sound bank)

Korg SP-280 Digital Piano (88 key, 30 sound bank)




Warm Audio Tone Beast

Rupert Neve Portico 511

Universal Audio 4-710d

DBX 580 (500 Series)
Audient ASP008 ADAT
Summit Audio TD-100

Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII
ART Pro Channel II

Joe Meek Twin Q2

Joe Meek Studio Channel VC1QCS









Gallien-Kreuger 250RL 2x50w guitar (vintage, recording only)

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister (18W head, recording only)

Wang's VT-1H (1 watt head)

Orange Micro Dark (20W head)

BOSS Katana (100W head)

Ashdown Rootmaster 500 (bass head)

DIME Amplification Dimebag D100

Orange CR120 H

Ibanez TBX 150 H

Line 6 HD-147 (300W digital)

Marshall JDM (100W tube)

Ibanez TN120 Thermion Tube

Marshall AVT 150H

Peavey VK 100 Tube

Fender Roc Pro 1000



1994 Fender Blues Deluxe Re-Issue (recording only)

1974 Fender Twin Reverb (recording only)

1985 Roland Jazz Chorus 120 (recording only)
Mesa Engineering 5/50 Express Tube (recording only)

Marshall AS50D 50W 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo

Roland Cube 60

Crate G-250 (w/Celestions)


Egnater Armageddon AR-412A 4x12 (Slant)

Marshall AVT 412

Blackstar 2x12 Celestion

Peavey Classic 100W

Fender 4x12 Mustang

Marshall 4x12 300W

Carvin 412E (Slant)

Fender Roc 4x12

Carvin 412 B




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