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Relevant Information:
You will need to let us know in advance what the children will want to sing (artist & song
title), so that we can ensure to have the songs & lyrics available.


Feel free to call us with any other questions or concerns you may have! 908.864.4949

Party Info.

Upon arrival at the studio, the children will be given a brief tutorial, they’ll learn what to expect during the recording session, studio etiquette and some tricks of the trade.

All singers will record 2-3 songs together that have been chosen by the Birthday Star.
Kids get the experience of a real recording session while having fun with their friends!

Before the session we’ll have a Pizza Party.
After pizza the recording begins, expect at least 1 hour or more of recording time.

After recording is complete the birthday star will have birthday cake and open gifts.


Will we record instruments or just sing?


We’ll just be recording vocals. Normally, everyone sings 2-3 songs together, unless the
Birthday Star wants to sing a solo or play an instrument for one song.



How many kids and adults are allowed to come?

Our maximum number of kids is 8.
This is a drop-off party and we ask that there be no more than 4 or 5 adults
in the studio during the party. We realize that all parents want to see this unique
party, but we want everyone to be comfortable while they are here. Please try
to carpool or be happy to guide you to some cool places in the area.



More relevant information:

Does everyone get a CD?“
Yes! Every singer will receive a CD. How cool is that?

What are the age limits for this party?”
This party is for rockstars between 8 and 18. Although some kids were born to rock,
we suggest they be at least 8.

Can Grown-ups have parties at the studio?”
Yes! We’ve had many amazing parties here for rock-stars of all ages.
Please call us to discuss possibilities and options.

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