bring us your old records or tapes and we will clean, then digitize them on CD or .MP3 for you. (Eliminating clicks, crackles, pops, hiss, hum and digital impulse noises)

Professional, Affordable Recording & Rehearsal Space,

Specializing in Editing & Mixing

Studio Hours:

Weekdays: 6 pm-12 am

Saturdays: 12 pm -4 pm

Sundays: 7-11 pm

Doors open: 5:50 pm daily

call us for special request bookings

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Now featuring SE Electronics microphones

The V7 is built to perform - and built to last.

Reliable, rugged & roadworthy meets lush, vibrant & musical. Connect with your voice in a whole new way.

"‘Does the world really need another dynamic vocal mic?’ I hear you ask. With one that does the job so well as this one, the answer is yes."

- Mixdown Magazine, September 2017

STUDIO NEWS: August, 2020

Woodrock Released "Mechanix Of Motion"

(see Verd Music on our recording page)

Mixing The Gibson Project's 2nd album

Verd Music next album ready for Mastering

AES Member 2008

Woodrock Studios

Welcome to Woodrock Studios, NJ's premier recording and rehearsal studio. We offer 4 rehearsals studios to accommodate any band no matter size or genre. All of our rooms are well equipped and centered around the best in both modern and classic gear. Woodrock integrates the best of the digital and analog worlds to provide the ideal creative environment when recording. Our live room & control room are equipped with digital & analog gear, and treated for the best recording and mixing sounds possible. For more info on rehearsals please visit the Rehearsal page. To view our recording packages, equipment list and studio gear, please visit the Recording page.

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